Abyssinia Flight Services

About the Pilot Training School

Abyssinian Flight Services Pilot Training School (AFS - PTS) is the only privately owned flying school in Ethiopia established in 2006. The school is authorized by Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) to train pilots for the following License and Ratings:

1: Private Pilot License (PPL)

2: Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

3: Instrument Rating (IR)

4: Multi-Engine Rating (ME) and,

5: Instructor Rating (PI)

Probably one of the biggest achievements of the past seventeen years of Abyssinian Flight Service’s existence is our establishing the first private Pilot Training school in Ethiopia. We have trained and graduated several pilots with PPL (Private Pilot License), CPL (Commercial Pilot License), Integrated CPL(CPL+IR+MER) and Instructor Ratings.