Air Ambulance(Medicaical Evacuation)

Since it began operations 19 years ago, AFS has rescued many patients with all kinds of injuries and flown them for better medical attention within and outsideEthiopia. We are privileged to provide this unique service with ourCessna Caravan/Grand Caravans equipped with multiple stretchersat a time in case of several medevac requirement literally saving livesas we whisked them to the safety of better equipped hospitalsin the capital city.

We also fly in partnership with many international medevac service providers as only we could access many of the remote airstrips in Ethiopia with our rugged workhorse, the Cessna Grand Caravans. In case of medical emergency requiring Medevac (air ambulance) you can count on us as we prioritize Medevac flights over all other flights.

Bole Subcity, Addis Ababa - Ethiopia
Tel. +251-116-620622/23/24
Fax: +251-116-620620