Abyssinia Flight Services

Introducing the Bell 407 Helicopter

altAs we celebrate 19 years of uninterrupted air charter service in Ethiopia, Abyssinian Flight Services would like to inform all its customers, partners and supporters, the introduction of the long awaited helicopter charter operation to its fleet effective 1st April 2018, with a Bell 407 Helicopter.

The Bell 407 is a single engine Turbine, four-blades, seven-seat light utility helicopter produced by the US aircraft manufacturer, Textron Aviation.

Equipped with the powerful Rolls-Royce/Allison 250-C47 turbo shaft engine allows an increase in takeoff weight and improved performance at hotter temperatures and/or higher altitudes. The Helicopter has standard seating for one crew and six passengers and cruises at 140kts(259 Kmph or 161mph) in a comfortable wide cabin. It has a range of 550 Kms(297NM or 342mi).

The Bell 407 is used for corporate transport, medical air services, surveying, Oil & Gas Exploration, aerial photography, filming and all kinds of tours and charters.

Thank you for your continued partnership over the past 19 years even as we strive to provide you with safe, reliable and affordable air transport in Ethiopia. If you are considering the most exhilarating flying experience, contact Abyssinian Flight Services flight operations to make your bookings.